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The Fighter's Mindset

I teach you the mindset lessons I learned from my 13-1-1 professional heavyweight boxing career. Learn how to develop the mindset of a fighter, from a fighter, so you can win the battles you face.

    “Another one, this man knows stuff about boxing. Nowadays, nobody knows shit about boxing. Must read!!!”

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    Sections include:

    • Pain is temporary. Being a bitch who quits is forever.
    • Acting like prey is the surest way to get treated like it.
    • Pain is part of the process
    • Defense and offense are inseparable
    • Your enemy is your best teacher
    • The only thing square in boxing is the ring
    • And many more!!

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    What is it all about?

    These are observations I took from my time in boxing that also apply to the various challenges I faced in my life, like battling alcoholism and growing up in public housing raised without my father around.

    I hope that with these lessons, you'll be better able to make it through any personal hardships, trials, or tribulations that you are facing.

    If you don't have any immediate challenges, I hope this guide helps you become the most mentally tough, antifragile version of yourself.

    Life is the hurt business.

    Stop hoping that it will stop hurting and, instead, get tougher and learn to fight back. Eventually, you'll get stronger and better. Only then will things become easier.

    The rest is up to you.