Learn the method I used to earn a physics degree, learn Spanish, and win a national boxing title

While the individual results aren’t particularly impressive, the disparity between them is. I’ve used my approach to learning to make strides in both mentally and physically demanding domains. While the specifics may differ, I believe that the general methods for learning are the same in all domains.

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    Simplicity and Fundamentals

    You don’t need an obscene level of brilliance to simplify complicated ideas. All you need to do is understand one idea: Everything is built on the fundamentals. Things are only complicated when you don’t understand the fundamental ideas behind them.

    Telling ain't teaching

    All teachers are not created equal. Understanding of a subject is not the same thing as knowledge of a subject. One can become highly knowledgeable and skilled in a subject, but still lack understanding of it.

    Know the problem to solve it

    The ability to recognize the exact nature of a problem is extremely valuable. Most people only focus on finding solutions. While a “solutions oriented” mindset is a good thing, sometimes it pays to focus on the problem. When you focus on the problem, you often make it easier to find a viable solution to it.